Adwork: A Conceptual Application Case Study



User Experience Case Study


AdWork is a Conceptual App designed to help budding creatives build their portfolios

My Role

Sole Researcher & Designer

The Problem

"How to help budding creatives build their skills, habits, knowledge, networks, & portfolio to guide them in their respective career paths".


Research Methods

An In-Depth Look at my Research Methods



  • 22 Participants

  • Online Surveys were conducted via google forms. 

  • The survey was distributed to many students from a wide range of disciplines.

In-Person Interviews

  • 7 participants

  • Interviews were conducted in-person or phone calls. 

  • Interviewees were given a series of questions based upon their experiences as a creative.


  • Participants were struggling to gain experience

  • Many participants felt like they need to overcompensate their skills

  • Many participants were looking for some guidance in their creative field but lacked any sort of leads.

  • The feeling of being 'lost' or worried after graduation was very common amongst students.

Research Artifacts

Quotes from in-person interviews

Quotes from in-person interviews

Survey Results

Survey Results

Survey Results

Survey Results

Design Process

Ideate & Create



After seeing the results of my research methods, I began to start the design process for the project. 


The moodboard helped me gather ideas for how I'd eventually design the aesthetics of the application

User Journey Mapping

The User Flow Chart mapped out the path that a potential user would take in the application

Sketching Out a Paper Prototype

The final step in my design process was to sketch a wireframe of the application



Sketching out some ideas for my high fidelity prototype

User Journey Flow

User Journey Flow

The journey the user would take within the application



Just a few of my inspirations for the project itself

Stakeholders, Final Prototype. & Final Conclusion

A summary of my final thoughts, conclusions and what potential stakeholders may think. 



AdWork would be beneficial in educating a group of people as a community, allow hiring departments of agencies to use the app to scout/educate local talent, build a relationship with budding creatives as a way to develop your brand. 


Overall AdWork is a great conceptual application and with using the research/metrics that I have complied I believe that my final prototypes design is one that is most usable by my targeted demographics.   

©2020 by Anik Ahmed. 

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